Thank you Marianne for your strength, and indeed bravery, in sharing your story this World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims.

Todd Beatty 

By Marianne Beatty


26 August, 2017 marks the 5th year Anniversary of that tragic day ... In an instant my life was changed forever. My husband and I were involved in a head on collision with an elderly driver in a vehicle on the wrong side of the road.

Todd sustained multiple and severe injuries as far as I could see as I became conscious. I suffered minor injuries in comparison...

We were assisted by other drivers, some with medical backgrounds, who arrived on the scene quickly. The air ambulance arrived and medical staff worked to resuscitate Todd, whilst I was lifted into the Air ambulance and waited for him. The ambulance officer advised me that he didn't make it... words that are hard to comprehend when you are in shock!

The first year I was in "survival mode " and then began the "post traumatic growth ", moving forward through the pain of loss while processing it with baby steps.

My life is forever changed and is so very different now.

With the love and support of friends and family, I am still here for a reason. I never thought I'd get to this stage and it's been a tough journey !!

Todd will be forever missed and I remain in awe of his amazingness



A little about who Todd was...

Todd will be forever missed by Marianne, his family and friends, his work colleagues, and his community... and while you may never have met him, we will all now miss the contribution that he would have made to the world, for he was quite brilliant! So on this special day, we will all remember you Todd Beatty!

Here is an excerpt from an article written about the Ford Immersive Vehicle Environment (FIVE) Laboratory in Melbourne Victoria. This is where Todd worked and his contribution was extraordinary... indeed he was one of the smartest people ever... and was a rocket scientist with NASA!

This article gives a wonderful insight a to why road deaths and serious injury should never be de-personalised and the person affecetd seen simply as a statistic. (The full article can be found at:


 "The walls are scantly covered, except for a thin logo and the big 4K screen. The only thing that catches your eye on the wall is a piece of art as big as the 4K panel that's covered in amazing science and technology references.  Among other things, it bears the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab logo, a photo of the Mars Spirit 2 Rover, a gorgeous-looking satellite and an amazing old Ford Mustang fastback. The top-left of the piece is emblazoned with the letters TB.



"What's with the cool artwork?" I ask the team leader of the FIVE Lab. That's when everyone sort of just went silent.

Whereas I thought the TB stood for something like Thunderbird -- an old Ford model -- and bore inspirational projects to keep the team motivated, the true meaning is actually much deeper.

The guy who helped design the FIVE Lab for Australia was a genius, I'm told. He helped design the hard drives that currently sit on NSA satellites orbiting the globe. He worked on NASA JPL's Spirit 2 Rover and put technology on Mars, and before he died in a car crash, he helped Ford build one of the most advanced visual design spaces in the world with the Australian FIVE Lab.

His name was Todd Beatty, and that's why the artwork bearing tributes to his genius carries the letters TB.

Todd never got to see the FIVE Lab finished, but when it was opened Ford brought his wife into the top-secret Design Centre to see Todd's last stroke of genius.

As I leave the room, slightly misty-eyed, I thank the team for showing me their work and telling me about Todd. On the door I spy a silver nameplate that doesn't match anything else in the Design Centre.


"Ford Immersive Vehicle Environment | Dedicated To Todd Beatty".


Ford's design legacy is now about more than cars. It's personal, and it's beautiful. Everyone that comes through this lab trying to make cars safer is working under the spiritual supervision of Todd and the FIVE team."


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