World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims

Last year (15 November 2015) the global community commemorated the United Nations World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. On Sunday 20 November 2016, we will ask our community to simply spare a moment to remember those 1200 Australians killed and the more than 30,000 seriously injured on Australia's roads last year. How can it be that across Australia, a person is killed on our roads every 7 hours... that unbelievably, a person is seriously injured every 18 minutes... Yet we hear nothing about the personal stories of those involved in these tragedies, nor of our emergency services personnel who become traumatised by what they see, of the parents and partners left to identify their loved ones, and of the sad legacy faced by family and friends for the rest of their lives. With road injury and death mostly hidden from our community, our community has become desensitized. For instance after a road tragedy has occurred, often all you hear is that some anonymous person has been killed, and that traffic is banked up, delaying commuters from getting home. But if you speak with emergency service workers about what they face, and with families and friends about what they endure after the death of a loved one, it is impossible not to be moved. In His speech in November 2014, Hon Sir Peter Cosgrove AC MK, Governor-General of Australia described the death and injury as a "war on our roads”. But this carnage is not inevitable and we can do something about it, starting today. So as a community let's actively listen to the stories of victims, their family and friends, let's stand in solidarity with them, and commit to doing something about this needless carnage... Let's commit to "Drive So Others Survive!" We reckon our fellow Australians not only want to show their concern for those who are suffering, but indeed demonstrate their desire to look after each other on our roads and highways… and we want to give them a chance to do just that. So at Midday on Sunday 20 November 2016 SARAH and our road safety partners are asking that people stop for a moment to remember the 1200 Australians killed and 30,000 seriously injured on our roads last year. Stop for just a minute to remember the suffering of their friends and families. And when you are back on our roads and highways, look after those who are vulnerable as if they were your own family. “Then show that you stand in solidarity for those who have become victims, as well as for their loved ones, by pledging to “DRIVE So Others Survive!” The “DRIVE So Others Survive!” Pledge can be taken at: or by simply adding your name to the Pledge at the link below. I want to honour those who have lost have been killed or injured on our roads and highways... I want to show my support for those families and friends who continue to be affacted by road trauma....

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