Our Commitment to Road Safety is No Accident!

Join 2014 Yellow Ribbon Road Safety Week - From 4 to 11 May

Protect the Vulnerable - Pledge to "Drive So Others Survive!"

Our troops protect each other - Time to do the same on our roads!

SARAH thanks Queensland Motorways for lighting Brisbane's iconic Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges in Yellow for 2013 Road Safety Week

Yellow Ribbon Road Safety Week - 4 to 11 May 2014

Find out how to "Drive So Others Survive!"

The campaign asks drivers and riders to: Share the road responsibly; Actively commit to safeguarding the lives and health of all road users (including pedestrians); Protect vulnerable road users, especially those who work on our roads to assist and protect us; Honour those who have been killed or injured and stand in solidarity with their families, friends and communities.

Pledge to "DRIVE So Others Survive!"

You can make a difference to Road Safety in your local community and across Australia by showing that you "DRIVE So Others Survive!". From 4 May to 11 May, SARAH is asking Australians to show their support for those who protect and assist the community on our roads and highways, and indeed all vulnerable road users (pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists etc) by taking the Road Safety Pledge and tying a yellow ribbon to a part of their vehicle (ie a car aerial, door handle, bumper bar etc). NB. Please Ensure that the ribbon does not block the driver’s vision.

Distracted driving is a major cause of injury & death

So if you are to choose which will you give priority too… 1. Reading Facebook or Texting while driving or?… 2. ensuring the safety of someone else’s love ones?

Show your Support for SARAH!

Do you want to support the Road Safety work of Safer Australian Roads And Highways (SARAH) Inc? Want to buy Yellow Ribbons or Stickers but can't find them in the local area? - Click here to have them delivered to your door.
Make a difference to some else's life this May! "DRIVE So Others Survive!"
SARAH remembers the family of Robert who was killed Easter Sunday 11 years ago today.