On September 26th 2019, a new traffic law will come into effect in New South Wales called Sarah's Rule, after our own Sarah Frazer.


Following a 12-month trial, this means drivers will have to slow down when passing flashing lights on the side of the road keeping emergency services and roadside assist responders safe. 

Where the speed limit is under 80km/h, drivers will have to slow to 40km/h for flashing lights, including for accidents, police traffic stops and tow trucks.

In over 90km/h zones, drivers must slow to a safe and reasonable speed, give plenty of space and change lanes if it is safe. The Rule will be enforced by Highway Patrol.

We greatly welcome the legislation which we have no doubt will save many lives in the future, both for those caught in traffic accidents and those who are helping them.


The SARAH Group campaigns for changes to policy and legislation to ensure that lives are not lost in preventable and clearly foreseeable situations by lobbying for a commitment to renewing poor infrastructure and asking drivers to take responsibility for their actions on
our roads and highways.


The Group campaigns to:

Ensure that major Roads and Highways/Freeways have breakdown lanes/road shoulders that do not leave drivers, passengers and the first call service personnel (i.e. Roadside Assistance, Tow Truck Drivers, Road Workers) and emergency service personnel (ie. Police, Ambulance, Fire) who come to their aid, in harm’s way.

Ensure that “first call” and emergency service personnel who aid and protection on our roads and highways are protected by requiring drivers who pass a vehicle displaying hazard or emergency lights to “slow down” and when safe to do so, “move over” into the lane away from the hazard.