2019 Daily Themes: NRSW

Each day of National Road Safety Week we focus on a different member of the community who can be affected by road trauma. This year our daily themes are:

Monday, May 6: Monday is a day of remembrance. We are asking everyone to pause at 12pm to remember the 1,200 people who died on Australia’s roads last year.

Tuesday, May 7: Tuesday’s theme is ‘take the pledge, lead the way’. Take a pledge to lead the way by promising to drive so you and others survive. Also take the online pledge at roadsafetyweek.org.au

Wednesday, May 8: Wednesday’s reminder is to ‘move over, slow down’. Emergency Services, roadside assistance and roadside workers risk their lives every day to help us.

When you see the flashing lights, move over and slow down to keep them safe.

Thursday, May 9: Thursday is all about protecting every life. It’s not just people in cars who are victims of traffic trauma.

Drive safely to protect every life along the road including pedestrians and be especially mindful of children, seniors and people with disabilities.

Friday, May 10: Friday’s reminder is to shine the light on regional and remote road users. Turn your headlights on for road safety and protect your mates so everyone gets home safe.

Saturday, May 11: Saturday is Yellow Ride Day for cyclists and motorcyclists. Our cyclists and motorcyclists are our most vulnerable road users. Share the roads and give them the space they need.

Sunday, May 12: Sunday is Mothers Day. The greatest gift you can give mum is for everyone to arrive home safe  Drive so you and others survive.